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​​​Return/Trial Policy for Saddles 

At Showcase Tack, we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. We require payment for saddles in full prior to shipment. Once you receive your saddle, you have seven days to determine if it will work out for you. If you decide to return it, please notify us via phone, text or e-mail. When making a return, please pack it well and ship via an insured carrier. Once the item is received back in like condition, we will refund the purchase price (less any outbound shipping charges). Beginning 2/1/22, there will also be a 3% restocking fee if the saddle is paid for via credit card, PayPal or Venmo (for goods).


Use of Packing Materials When Shipping Saddles 

We are an environmentally conscious company and the use of styrofoam blocks or styrofoam packing peanuts is discouraged when packing/shipping saddles to Showcase Tack. Due to the labor required to unpack and dispose of non-recyclable peanuts and other styrofoam materials, Showcase Tack reserves the right to charge a $25 unpacking fee for saddles sent to us with styrofoam packing materials. Saddles can be more easily packed and unpacked using brown paper or even bubble wrap, which we happily re-use when packing saddles to ship out to other customers. Thank you for consideration of this policy, effective 1/1/17.

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